Giorgi Sisauri (Born February 10th, 1996) is a Georgian artist of the 21st century, calligraphic master, graphic artist, miniaturist, poet, and prose writer. He is called “Genius of Modernity.” He is the author of 5 books, 600 graphic and 200 calligraphic works, at the age of 22.


Giorgi Sisauri was born in Tbilisi, Georgia on 10th February 1996. He started drawing from an early age. From 2 years, he could distinguish the works of his father and uncle from one another. A special interest and talent in painting of the fourth born child in the family of artists was noted by the parents, who helped Giorgi fully develop his talent. At the age of 7, Giorgi began to paint biblical scenes, portraits, figurative, and abstract compositions. He independently created the most difficult geometric compositions and series on various secular and religious topics. At the same time he actively participated in various art competitions, where he received numerous awards. From 2008, at the age of 12, his artistic vision altogether changed and he began to create graphic works and abstract compositions that he later called “an unreal reality.” That’s when his creativity really began, which is completely unique in the modern art world. In 2010, at the age of 14 his graphic works were noticed by art agents, that led Giorgi’s works to the attention of the experts of the Louvre Museum, who wrote in the letter of recommendation: “It is unbelievable that the author of these cosmic works is a 14-year-old. He’s a virtuoso! ” In a few months after this, the 14- year-old painter received an invitation from the Paris Academy of Art. In 2010, the first personal art exhibition of the artist was held at the gallery “Academy +”. Over 200 graphic works were presented at this exhibition. In 2010 he started to work in the art of calligraphy and the same year Giorgi Sisauri became Georgia’s first calligraphy master. In 2010, in the competition “Georgian Calligraphy”, which had more than 10,000 applicants, Giorgi took first place and won the grand prize. In the competition, which was held for 5 years, Giorgi won 23 nominations. In the last year of the contest in 2014, Giorgi became the winner of the first place and was nominated as a “Calligrapher Of The Year”. Giorgi Sisauri has been a member of Georgias’ Painter-Calligraphy Union since 2010. In 2010, Giorgi Sisauri was awarded with a special award from former President Mikheil Saakashvili and a thank-you letter. Also in the same year, the painter Gia Bugadze wrote an official letter, which addressed Mikheil Saakashvili, asking to accept 15-year-old Giorgi to The Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, so that he would already have a bachelor’s degree. In the letter Gia Bugadze gave the highest evaluation to Giorgi Sisauri’s entire works. Here is an excerpt from the letter: His stroke and the drawing technique of the Georgian Script, is unique. This young person has a special kind of literary talent. He creates icons and essays with unusual artistic conviction, with far ahead of his time wisdom, philosophy and depth. Giorgi Sisauri is a distinctive person who has a very unique inspiration. He works on difficult literature and texts. His graphics are rhythmic, multifaceted, just astonishing. He is definitely unique”. In 2011, another personal exhibition of Giorgi was held at Elene Akhvlediani Children’s Picture Gallery. In 2012, Giorgi Sisauri’s first book “The Beggar’s Diaries” was published (Publishing house “Intellect”), which was called “philosophical treatise” by critics. After this work, 15 year-old Giorgi became a member of the Writers Union of Georgia. In the same year his second book was published, poet’s first collection of poems “Untitled” (publishing house “Intellect”), which consists of 70 poems and was funded by the Svetitskhoveli Brotherhood and the blessing of Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia his Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II. In 2013, Giorgi Sisauri’s third book entitled “Comedy”, was published, is a 333 couplet modern hymnographic poem written in archaic, old Georgian. Based on this poem, Chabua Amiredjbi, the greatest writer of modern times, called the young writer the poet of the future. The same book was presented at the Rustaveli Theater and 17-year-old Giorgi became the youngest writer of his age that the Rustaveli Theater hosted the creative evening. In 2014, at the age of 17, Giorgi became the youngest member of the Georgian Painters’ Union. This was an unprecented event. In 2014, his third personal exhibition was held at Ilia Abuladze’s exhibition hall in the National Center of Manuscripts, where his graphic works and manuscripts were exhibited together along with ancient manuscript books. In the same year, his manuscripts were exhibited in the Alexandria Library in Egypt at a multi-exhibition of Georgian and Arabian manuscripts. And after 1 year, it was also exhibited at the Beauxuahi (Egypt, Cairo) in the cultural center of Suhay. In 2015, Giorgi Sisauri was recognized as the Georgian Calligraphy Master by the National Center of Manuscripts. In the same year he created his new work “Jesus Iberian” which was presented at Rustaveli Theater. In 2016, Giorgi Sisauri’s manuscript was given as a gift to the Pope Francis I. In 2017, the poet created his new work “Lucifer’s Troparion.” 1 year after this he created the theosophical poem “Flower of Lif,e” which is the allegorical and symbolic interpretation of the “announcement” of Apostle John (the Apocalypse). Both works were presented at the Rustaveli Theater. In 2018, his new book “Mystique” (Prose) was created. In the same year, Giorgi Sisauri’s manuscripts were exhibited at the Klingspor Museum Offenbach and Frankfurt book fair. World famous fashion house Chanel was interested with the young talented Giorgi. He designed for exclusive partner’s invitations and postcards for two Chanel events. In 2017-2018, Giorgi Sisauri was a co-author of unique manuscript : “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, which was embossed by Georgian sculptors and jewellers working in France Guji Amashukeli. The manuscript “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” is protected by the UN Art Gallery (USCN-York) as an unique example of Georgian culture. In 2019, the 10th anniversary evening of the work of Giorgi Sisauri was arranged in the Rustaveli Theater. Since 2012 he has been working on his fifth book “Divine Mystery” – which unites 33 compositions and 4 poems. The book os created in the old Georgian language and is the synthesis of theosophical poetry and modern hymnography. It surprised the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II and compared his creation to the cosmos, calling the poet himself the son of God.